The most cost efficient mode of transport, Railways which enjoy preference over other public transport systems. It’s a historical legacy which plays a vital force in our economy.  It is the most convenient way of travelling if you are travelling on a budget. Used extensively for passenger and freight transfer, Railways proves itself the forerunner in the transport sector as the most affordable, convenient and well connected network.

With thousands of railway stations across the country, superior safety standards, lower environmental hazard and relatively low train fare, Indian Railways is the first choice for transfer goods and commodities. It is ideally suited or long distance travel and movement of bulk commodities or long distance travel and movement of bulk commodities.

Foreign tourists, who wish to experience Rajasthan by train can avail the facility. It is one of the cheapest and easiest modes of travelling from one place to other. Many people enjoy by travelling through trains. Client can avail this facility with Vcare tours and travels at nominal rates.

Difficulty in booking railway tickets online: As tourist always has a difficulty in booking tickets online, V Care provides them a facilty, where a guest can choose their destination, date of travel, preference of class, and mail the same to us. We without any service charges book the same. Money can be transfered via bank or the guest can come and deposit the same into our account once they are in India.

Railway website: http://indianrail.gov.in/dont_Know_Station_Code.html
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